Plaistow Cabinet Company Team

Mike Swan

MIKE SWAN - Sales Manager email

Mike, with his 20 years as a kitchen designer and showroom manager, has the ability to look at projects from many different aspects. He believes that by giving his designers the support and tools needed, it will enhance the customer's experience at Plaistow Cabinet. Mike is always looking for new and innovative ideas to enhance the design and help provide exceptional service to our clients.

Jessica Morrill

JESSICA MORRILL - email Sales & Design

Jessica earned her Bachelor degree at the University of Hartford, where she studied Art and Design. She has been designing interiors for 16 years and has been focused on kitchens and baths for the last 7 years. Jessica strives to stay ahead of the trends and shows passion in each project, bringing fresh vision and energy to every design.

Cheryl Fyfe

CHERYL FYFE- Sales & Design email

A graduate of NH Institute of Art, Cheryl began her career in interior design focusing on color, space planning, lighting, furniture & accessories for every room. Cheryl has focused on Kitchen and Baths for the last 5 years with designs tailored to the wants and needs of her customers in a beautiful yet functional way. Cheryl’s expertise and background makes her a welcome and essential asset to the other designers for every aspect of sales support.

Kelly Loyd

KELLY LOYD - Sales & Design email

Kelly earned her degree in Interior Design from Hesser College after being motivated by the visual and intrinsic values of color and design. Since then, she has been designing beautiful kitchens for the past 18 years. Kelly is committed to designing functional and proportionate kitchens that will suit every client’s investment. She also enjoys the collaboration and teamwork with her clients, understanding that it’s an essential part to every project.

Veronica Arabudzki

Design & Sales Support

Veronica has worked in both the sales and support aspect of the kitchen and bath industry for the past fifteen years. Her passion for painting and drawing has given her a keen eye for coordinating colors and noticing fine details. Veronica strives for excellent customer service and is a welcome asset to our growing sales team.

Jeff Pollard

JEFF POLLARD - Warehouse & Delivery email

Jeff manages all of our shipping & receiving, warehouse organization, and helps with some service issues when needed.  He takes care of a very important, but often unseen, part of our business.


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